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ROOF on theWit Transforms Culinary Experience

Warm winds are beginning to replace the icy chill in the air, and with the changing of the seasons comes something not only new to ROOF, but new to the city of Chicago.   The Mediterranean region has been affectionately described by Elizabeth David, famed writer of European cuisine, as “those blessed lands of sun and sea and olive trees.”  Celebrating the lifestyle and dynamic cuisine of the Mediterranean through food and culture, the freshly revamped ROOF menu by award winning Executive Chef Nathan Sears draws inspiration from Moorish Spain and surrounding spice-bearing regions. Societies that traveled throughout the Mediterranean meshed cultures and cuisine wherever they ventured, and Chef Sears is recreating that vibrant taste experience on ROOF.

“When you think about how the Spanish eat and live, it really emulates the culture that is already present at ROOF,” said Chef Sears.  “The evening starts late, sometimes with dinner not starting until after 9 p.m., and the food is presented in a way that welcomes sharing.  I am thrilled to infuse these unique flavors and taste experiences into the new menu concept on ROOF.”

The new menu, available starting April 13, embraces classic Mediterranean dishes such as slow cooked lamb with roasted garlic tahini, and grilled beef kebobs with pomegranate marinade and a robust flavor profile incorporating cinnamon, cardamom, sumac and black pepper.

The menu is broken into four sections, From the Hearth Oven, Warm, Cold, and Dessert. From the Hearth Oven includes delicious options like Oxtail Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Potato Puree, Basil and Banyuls and Octopus with Romesco, Fennel, Oranges, Herb Crumbs and Marcona Almonds. The Warm menu features Grilled Beef Kebab with Pomegranate Marinade, Red Rice and Pistachio Tabouli, and Fried Chickpea Panisse with Fennel Sesame Salad and Smoked Knob Onion Aioli. Cold features Confit Beet Baba Ghanoush with dukkah, mint and naan and a delectable Roasted Baby Carrots dish with kale, chickpeas, grapefruit, feta cheese and dried spice oil. Dessert, handcrafted by Executive Pastry Chef Toni Roberts, includes rousing dishes such as Pistachio Kanafeh with Crispy Shredded Filo, Pistachio Cream Cheese and Rose Petal Syrup and Crema Catalana with Orange, Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean infused Custard.

With breathtaking panoramic city views, ROOF is the picture-perfect place to escape the tired bar food Chicagoans expect and experience a new culinary destination that you won’t taste anywhere else.  Lounge by the luxurious fireplace 27 stories in the air and sip all new specialty cocktails like the Spanish Mistress, with spicy and unexpected flavors sure to transport you, even if just for one sultry summer evening.

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