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Beyond the retractable rooftop and “hangover” lounge set twenty-seven stories above breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Chicago and the recent release of ROOF’s brand new beverage program, the world-class music lineup and dance experience offered at ROOF is consistently a major draw for locals and tourists alike.

Pierce Fulton | ROOF on theWitA ROOF experience is exceptionally unique, where musical performers from top entertainment markets across the nation deliver something new and exciting in each act.

“The acts are great at taking your favorite songs and putting a new twist on them,” says Clayton de la Chapelle with The Music Trust.

On Tuesdays, acoustic tunes fill the space. ROOF brings in some of Chicago’s best acoustic performers to charm guests with popular songs that create a relaxed, romantic vibe.

roof 171646On Wednesdays through Saturdays, the space heats up; expect highly sophisticated 3D video mapping infused with creative lighting techniques, stylized service staff and high-energy DJ mixes.

“These DJs are headlining the top clubs in the major markets around the US and sometimes around the world,” says de la Chapelle. “The ability these DJs have to read a room and play a wide array of music is uncanny.”

When choosing the lineup, ROOF looks for “open format” artists, those who embody such variety and originality. A few DJs particularly stand out to de la Chapelle. “Joe Maz of Discotech, Chachi and Panic City are driving forces in the DJ scene,” he says.

When spending a night at ROOF on Wednesdays through Saturdays, one can expect to hear remixes of popular songs and new riffs on the Top 40 list. In addition to DJs, musicians add a touch of instrumentation to take songs to the next level.

Roof 173748“There are a handful of great musicians out there that love to play with DJs,” says de la Chapelle. “Whether it’s a trumpet player, violinist, drummer or guitarist, when we get the chance, we drop these musicians in to riff with the DJs and create a unique experience.”

Always on the lookout for fresh talent and opportunities to interact with different venues and events around the globe, ROOF makes sure to showcase only the best, most high-energy artists at the club.

“When selecting artists, ROOF taps the best artists in the major markets first; that being New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Las Vegas, and of course Chicago,” says de la Chapelle.

Incorporating “regional flavor” into their programming lineups helps ROOF deliver impactful, diverse and inspired experiences.

roof 171631“We like to think of ROOF’s crowd as somewhat similar to a Las Vegas crowd. If they are staying at the hotel and coming up to party, they just want to have a good time and dance to songs they are familiar with,” says de la Chapelle. “Same with the locals that we see on a regular basis; they are looking to escape the tired nightclubs and attitudes you usually find around Chicago.”

Selected talent is based on the artist’s personality, technical skills, ability to wow and move a crowd with energizing beats and national followings. A night filled with lively, upbeat music, dancing and creative cocktails is guaranteed at ROOF. Because music can make or break a night, ROOF doesn’t take any chances. Surprising guests with this unexpected novelty keeps them coming back for more.

“It’s great to hear patrons come up to acts and say, ‘We haven’t heard a DJ like you since we were in Las Vegas, do you play out there?’ when the DJ is actually a resident out that way,” says de la Chapelle. “It lets the crowd know that they can come in and see talent from all over.”

To book a reservation at ROOF email or visit the website.

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