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To ensure access to ROOF, reservations are highly recommended. For guests without ROOF reservations, access to ROOF is not guaranteed and may be granted on a first come, first served basis.  Parties of 1-4 people are subject to our Booking Policy of $10 per person which  This amount will NOT be deducted from your final bill while dining at our restaurant.  Parties of 5 to 14 people must provide a deposit per person which goes toward your food and beverage table minimum.

Any groups of 15 or more, please complete the Event Form and one of our event planners will reach out to you shortly.

Dress to Impress. ROOF is an upscale establishment, located within a contemporary 4-star hotel, and we love when our guests dress for the occasion and appear in fashionable attire to reinforce the upscale environment. Sport jackets and dresses are always welcome! Please refrain from wearing hats, beach attire, worn out shoes, workout attire, sweats, sleeveless shirts for men, offensive wording or depiction on any clothing, ripped or torn jeans, exposed undergarments, bandannas, and any other attire ROOF Management determines to be inappropriate. ROOF Management has final approval on any guest entry into the venue, and reserves the right to turn away guests who are determined to be inappropriately dressed regardless of the reservation status. Safety is the foundation of our dress code. Therefore, ROOF Management also reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest who appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs, or is acting in a manner determined by ROOF Management to be threatening, combative, aggressive or disrespectful toward other guests, or any ROOF, Hotel, Security employees or other personnel. Any exercise of discretion under this presentation code shall be applied in a gender-neutral, nondiscriminatory manner, in accordance with all applicable laws. Check out our House Rules.

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